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A handful of dedicated hoof care providers with a passion for education: The education of students and their own.
We believe that first you need to have a thorough knowledge of the theory, then we teach you whatever we can in the practical arena.
Three Reasons You Should Learn to Trim Your Own Horse

1. You know your horse better than anyone else

Some barefoot hoof care providers are innately in tune with a horse in their care. When the intent to help a horse and do what’s best for her is genuine, you’ll see much better results. Especially when it comes to rehabilitating a lame horse.

However, if you are as close with your equine companion as we suspect you are, your first mission is to do no harm and to only help. That intent is powerful and can reap a multitude of benefits far beyond what you’ll comprehend. It will drive you to become a great trimmer for your horse.

You even may decide to help other horses as well, but it starts with your horse and your desire to do what’s best for her, first and foremost.

The longer you trim your own horse, the more you’ll come to learn what works for her and what doesn’t. Again, you know your equine partner better than someone trimming 100+ horses per month. You’ll quickly learn to tailor a natural trim for your horse’s individual needs.

2. Your horse knows you better than anyone else

You are your horse’s best ally. When you care deeply for your equine companion, she feels it. She can feel it across the pasture. She knows you, and if you have a good relationship with her, she would much rather have you trim her than being trimmed by a stranger.

We’ve all been there and have made decisions about our horse’s care that were not optimal. The key is to learn from those experiences and move on, don’t dwell on them or continue to beat yourself up. No one is perfect – remember, a mistake is when you knew better and you did it anyway. We’d be willing to bet that you’re not the type of person who makes mistakes intentionally.

3. Becoming self-reliant is empowering (and can save you money)

You’ll become self-reliant. You’ll no longer have to depend on someone else to trim your barefoot horse – it’s all you now!

The best part is that you can trim her on your own schedule rather than waiting for the hoof care professional to schedule you in.
Scheduling headaches go out the window.

Although trimming your own horse is not for the faint of heart, the struggles you’ll overcome to learn this skill are unimaginably rewarding.
Oh, one other thing, did we mention that trimming your own horse is a barefoot horse benefit because it’s much easier to learn to trim than it is to shoe?

And lastly very horse guardian knows in detail where each and every penny goes and a large portion of it goes to hoof care. Learning to trim your own horse will have a financial benefit in the long run. Once you become proficient, you’ll be able to put that money to other good equine related uses, such as horsemanship clinics, hoof care courses and better nutrition for your horse.

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