Hoof Care North America
Below you see the different chapters of our theory course. This course was developed over many years and with the help of many people. Most chapters have been revised over the years. Today we present a comprehensive course that gives you the theoretical foundation to become an educated hoof care provider, or a very educated horse owner.

There are about 300 study hours in this course. We suggest you take all the quizzes, research your answers and copy the essence of every file into a journal with drawings. Say you can't draw?  It gets better with practice.

No part of this course may be reproduced, in part or in whole, without written consent of the author; nor may any part of this course be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronically or mechanically, including photocopying, recording, or by an information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author.

This course is not veterinary advice. This course is not meant to cure or mitigate disease. The reader agrees to take responsibility for his or her own life decisions. The author, distributor, publisher and editor, as well as all the instructors and advisors listed on the Equine Soundness Inc. webpage, shall remain free of any fault, liability, or responsibility for any loss or harm, whether real or perceived, resulting from following the advice given in this course. This course is not a substitute for consulting with a veterinarian, financial, legal or tax professional.
The course content may be up-dated without notice from time to time.

What you get (via USPS Priority mail):

A memory stick with all these:
Introduction (3 files)
 Anatomy (51 files, movies, links and animations)
Hoof Functions (11 files and links)
The Basic Trim (17 files)
Shoeing (11 files)
Case Study (7 files and PPPs)
 Holistic Life Style (9 files)
Holistic Horse Care (12 files)
Nutrition (25 files)
Conformation and Gaits (16 files and links)
Horsemanship (3 files)
Donkeys, Mules and Other Equines (1 link)
The Frog (5 files and a movie)
Club and Coonfoot etc. (7 files and a link)
Laminitis and Founder (16 files and animations)
Contraction incl. Navicular Syndrome (19 files and movies)
Other Pathologies (10 files)
Troubleshooting (15 files, links and movies)
Case Studies (2 files)
The Business of Hoof Care (22 files)
Resources and Glossaries (8 files)
Miscellaneous (8 files and links)
Introduction to Supportive and Complimentary Care (15 files)

What you learn in the practical sessions:

Unit 1: Sharpening knives and looking at tools/ Trimming the wall and bar; Trimming the sole and frog; Putting in a scoop/ quarter relief
Unit 2: Taking a hoof apart including Tendons
Unit 3: Trimming a whole hoof / Medial-Lateral, Anterior-Posterior, balancing
Unit 4: Trimming a live horse
Unit 5: Trimming, measuring and learning to see the 105/95 angle 
Unit 6: Trimming for cracks and wall separation
Unit 7: Bringing the heel "under" the hoof; Trimming for underslung heels
Unit 8: Flares and how to bevel for separation
Unit 9: Trimming for contraction - trimming at solar concavity - slanting the heel/bar connection
Unit 10: Trimming a problem hoof
Unit 11: Trimming the foundered hoof; Practical considerations

Entering this program are people from all walks of life with different levels of experience. Some of you may already have some familiarity with trimming, while others have never held a knife in their hands. We want to ensure that you receive the best education possible and leave this program with the knowledge necessary to provide excellent care to your future clients. To best accommodate the individual student, the number of mentor days will be flexible.

Your mentor is responsible for giving you feedback after each day and let you know if you need some extra time to further improve your skills.
You are responsible for scheduling mentor days with one of the instructors
listed under "Contact".

In order to complete this part of the course you need to have:

A minimum of tools, usually at least a hoof pick, two knives, rasp, nippers, hoof stand, apron, gloves and transportation.