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Theory Course

This course contains a lot of information for anyone serious about becoming a hoof care provider or wanting to trim their own horses.
There are many courses available that make you believe that this is a relatively easy task. But if you really want to do every horse justice, you need to have a lot of theory and think through every possible scenario. This course gives you the foundation to trim correctly and do every horse justice.

It is the precursor to the practical training.

Full access to all material will be send by e-mail via a drop box link, but also via a memory stick in the mail.

As a bonus, this course contains 30 hours of recorded Power Point Presentations. 

Once you have worked through the theory, you can contact one of our instructors (see list under the More - Contact tab) and schedule your practical training. The practical training will follow a prescribed outline that will ensure your success while allowing to work at your pace.

Please send payment via PayPal to hoofwoman@gmail.com  or send a check to
Hoof Care US c/o Claudia Garner
300 Saddlemount Drive
Hopkins SC 29061
Make checks payable to Claudia Garner





For questions about the theory course you can call anytime, 7 days a week.
​We are on East Coast time. Please try to call during daylight hours. Thank you.
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